Week 7

8. 12. 2017

Everything is so fast! Puppies can already leave us to their new homes, but we decided to still keep them for a while. They are running through the whole flat all the day with only a short breaks for the rest. Eterka is nice and she wants to share her meal with others. She also teaches them how to act in the correct way.

All puppies were vaccinated for the first time and all of them have received their official name and the chip.

44th Day

3. 12. 2017

Pictures from the Day 44.

Week 6

1. 12. 2017

Puppies now sleep the whole night in a new kennel box plus they are allowed to play in the whole living room. Eterka breastfeeds them only a few times during a day, so they eat dry food and raw meal regularly. They also drink water on their own anytime they want. They love bed and pillows!

All puppies are classic small dogs. They spent their day by fighting, growling, barking, fetching, obliterating everything, catching each other and sleeping for a few minutes. They are testing their new tooth on everything, but they are still very soft. Eterka enjoys their games, she is playing with them also plus she brings them food.

5th week

24. 11. 2017

Puppies have more and more their movement under control. They are jumping to the heights, running fast as a hell and they are woken up for the majority of the day. They came really fast when we call them for a meal and they are going to welcome every single visitor. All puppies already have all teeth with a nice scissors bite. Eterka breastfeeds only a few times per day and keeps puppies away from the rest. She does not breastfeed during the night at all and puppies sleep without being naughty all the night!

Outside for the first time

24. 11. 2017

4th week

17. 11. 2017

Puppies did an amazing progress during the last week. They already have discovered the whole living room. All of them can catch toys and kill them by drilling with heads. They use almost every spare time to fight each other and they are really (especially somebody) loud :). They growl and bark - all of them are already small dogs. They regularly eat side dish including raw meat. During the last days their tooth started into growth. Eterka is still breastfeeding them, but she started to decrease the intensity a little bit.

Auntie Babsi begins with her own upbringing also. She is a little bit more strict, Eterka is sometimes a little bit nervous about it. But all puppies are learning a healthy respect and they are nicely reacting when Babsi bares one's teeth. Puppies are "talking" with Babsi and Eterka in a very nice way. They play together, using their small paws for a contact and they are warmly welcoming all visitors.

We also cut their claws for the second time at the end of the week. The calm days are already gone :-).

3rd week

10. 11. 2017

Except sleep our puppies spend all the time outside the birth box with gnawing toys, tasting their first side dishes (wet granules, mother's milk - they enjoy everything). And they play with each other, of course. They are tasting everything surrounding them with their toothless mouths. The puppies are growing like a weed, they already quadruped their birth weight. They like to fall asleep together with their mum in a hairy bed - which is a favourite for our adult girls too.

We have eyes!

4. 11. 2017

2nd week

3. 11. 2017

Puppies are one week old and "have" names

28. 10. 2017

After a talk with future owners and with their north origin in mind we have a names: Hanneli, Hätrygg, Henrikki and Hygge.

Another and another sleeping positions from the 1st week

27. 10. 2017

Puppies grow out of water! And every time we look into the box, we find them together with Eterka in another funny position.

Day 2 and 3

23. 10. 2017

All puppies are putting on the weight and are unbelievable active! Babsi can observes them from a distance. Etera is really happy and calm. She already can take a short walk outside and drink on herself. We also know who is mum's favourite :-). But all of them including Etera are so cute and we can watch them forever!

Day 1

21. 10. 2017

The rest of the first night was without any kind of interruption. Eterka already know how to move between all those small terriers and how to lay down safely. We are missing so many funny from the first litter, when she did not know how to lay down and very often she only stayed on one leg and a head :-). Today she is happy since beginning. I have to care about her water intake as she does not want to leave her puppies even for a second.

Midnight puppies!

21. 10. 2017

Eterka on her own and without any problem gave in 2 hours birth to 4 amazing (and in size very similar) puppies. The final score is: 2 girls (b/w) + 2 boys (b/w and tri).

She did not seems tired after all, just very happy :-).

We also want to thanks a lot to our midwife and breeder in one person - Jitka! She came in the night and gave us a huge support!

Evening before the Day D

20. 10. 2017

The temperature decreased on morning, belly seems lower and everything leads to soon birth. Babsi does not want to leave Eterka all the day. Eterka has first contrations a few moments before the midnight.

We are ready and in style! :-)

19. 10. 2017

Almost there

18. 10. 2017

Today is the 58th day and we are getting closer to the Day D. Eterka still has a great mood outside, she feels well. But back at home we can see how much she can get rid of the huge belly :-) We can see how the puppies are playing in the belly and how they are making the last preparations to go out.

Indian summer

15. 10. 2017

Box with a swedish name is still successful

13. 10. 2017

Comfort is important

11. 10. 2017

Day 50

10. 10. 2017

In the main role Madam Pear :-)

We cheer on AWC and watch NY Comic-Con and The X-Files

8. 10. 2017

Day 40

30. 9. 2017

Pregnancy confirmed

26. 9. 2017

Confirmed: We are going to have small Eterkas and Pandas at the end of October!

Intimate moment

24. 9. 2017

Eterka, already? Our northern trip in 2 days and 3 nights

22. - 23. 8. 2017

Based on our previous experiences we have expected Etera will be in her season at the end of September / the beginning of October. But she did it on her own. It was really a pretty fast action for us full of negotiation in works and over night driving to the north. We have visited Panda this week for a few days!

All in all, we really enjoyed our Sweden trip this year! The North is really the most beautiful part of the World! And Eterka and Panda are really made one for each other. They are so cute together! And they really love each other! :-)

We did the mating (in a style - on the agility parkour!) and a few trips in the surrounding deep forests! And we met an Elk from only a few meters. Now we can only pray that the whole north mission was successful.

March news

3rd March 2017

Visit Panda in 6 months!

Eterka just finished her season. She usually has season after 7-8 months. So it looks like she will be in season again during September and we will go for mating during September/October. Hopefuly it will not colidate with AWC in Liberec :)

Confirmed: Eterka is eagle-eyed

Today eye re-check proved Eterka is without eye genetic disease. All other healthy checks are already done from the past (last ones are ED and HD from the last year).

Season 2017 is coming!

What are our plans for this year? We are going to participate on agility qualifications for the Czech championship and probably also for IMCA, EO and AWC. We really enjoy watching top teams and getting new experiences. We will see... We want to achieve new A3 exams on or way for A3 champions title. And last but not least we want to attend Moravia Open, huge czech agility competitions.

Moravia Open - celebration of agility and PRTs

There will be a lot of agility parsons from a lot of countries on Moravia Open this year. Including honoured visitors from the distant Sweden. Anna with Panda will also attend this great czech (moravian) summer competition. All potential applicants are warmly welcomed - you have unique opportunity to meet Etera and Panda together.

Gs in action!

Our girls from the previous litter are also attending agility events. They will also attend (as an accompaniment) on qualification competitions and others. You can see them also :)