Litter H Dai Muratori
Parson Russell Terrier

Repeated Agility FCI litter focused on character, health, great functionality exterior and interesting origin.

Birthday: 21. 10. 2017

Last news

Week 7

Everything is so fast! Puppies can already leave us to their new homes, but we decided to still keep them for a while. They are running through the whole flat all the day with only a short breaks for the rest. Eterka is nice and she wants to share her meal with others. She also teaches them how to act in the correct way.

All puppies were vaccinated for the first time and all of them have received their official name and the chip.


2 girls and 2 boys


Přezdívka: Blondýnka


Přezdívka: Trikolorek


Přezdívka: Borderka


Přezdívka: Černobilka



Etera Dai Muratori
(Hillbilly Russian Roulette x Anita Lupus Johanus)

34,5 cm
fulldentition (without M3)
scissor bite

PL 0/0, HD A/A, ED 0/0
DNA LOA clear
DNA SCA clear
DNA PLL clear
Eyes tested - clear (MVDr. Lenská, March 2017)
BAER test +/+

Shows: excellent
Agility: A3
dogfrisbee, canicross
TV star

Etera is a middle-sized bitch, strong body constitution and slim figure. She is a typical terrier, can enjoys any kind of action, has a large desire to work. In the agility, which is the sport #1 for us, she can use her great drive. One of her advantages not only in sport is her beautiful, elegant and still very powerful movement. Sometimes we do dogfrisbee, run a canicross and we have tried the the dog rescue. Her parents are trained in hunting, but we do not. At home she loves to caress, she is very empatic and amazing companion. She is a bitch born just for me and she is exactly how I dreamed about.



(Good Girls Tulo Twirl x Adesso the tatooed good girl)

34,5 cm
fulldentition (without M3)
scissor bite

PL 0/0
DNA LOA clear
DNA SCA clear
DNA PLL clear
Eyes tested - clear (september 2017)

Shows: Excellent with CQ
Agility: title SeAgCh and SeAg(hopp)Ch,
Sweden Ag. champ., Sweden Ag. terrier of the year 2015
Hunting experience

Panda is 5 years old, unbelievable friendly dog of a smaller size with great body constitution. He is very balanced, self-confidant with a non-conflict character. He is an agility champion with a lot of sport titles. Even with a huge temperament he is still very well controllable. He has success from an young age - he is already agility champion in Sweden, in his 2 years he attented European Championshop. He is from a great agility family. His grandmother RUBY-RED attended World Championshop in years 2007 and 2008. In Helsinki she placed on a fantastic 4th place in individuals. Panda has hunting experience.


Puppies will be DNA PLL, LOA, SCA clear by parentage


GoodGirls Starfighter Panda Good girls Tulo-Twirl Revefotens wannabe Lucky boy
Rubyred (Tilda)
Adesso the tatooed good girl Radagast Skuggfaxe
Emerald Circle of Charm
ETERA Dai Muratori Hillbilly RUSSIAN ROULETTE Vlietstede IKARUS
ANITA Lupus Johanus Suzan's Pride A'TOI
COMTESA z Vitonského panství

born on January 2016

Etera's sporting relatives



Older sister Mia, the flyball girl. One of the fastest small dogs in Czech Rep. with record time of 4,32 s. She has the title FLY 16 and titles from Czech and European Championships. She was involved in czech record running team for several times.



Skilful sister from the same litter, Enynka, does agility. But her main activy is also flyball. She holds the title FLY 17.

foto: Jelena Saga


Half-brother with irresistible look. He lives in Belarus and he does agility. Since his 2 years he starts in the elite category A3. He has also attended the Europen Championships.

Why I have decided to mate

From all sports I have tried with my first bitch JRT Babsi I fall in love with agility and flyball the most. I did both on the competition level and the success came. On the begining of year 2010 we brought home young Etera, who was choosed as a sporty talent and friend for life. I have to thanks to Jitka Kubištová and mother Anitka, that their "made her for me". On the spring Babsinka suffered an injury and she had to unfortunately finish her flyball career. And even I think that Eterka was born for flyball and her older sister Mia just proves it, I have decided to continue only with agility, because I can do that sports with both my girls.

What I likes the most on the agility from all sports is the fact, that handlers and dog work together as a one team and they have to cooperate well. That leads to a really strong relationship between the dog and his owner. Etera is a bitch who will breath for me and she is trying her best in all her live, at home and even during the competition.

During every work he is a terrier with 100% attitude. She does everything on without hasitation, she is quick to learn, sometimes a little bit rash but very hardworking. She is one of the fastest dogs in the Czech Republic. And by contrast to a lot of other terrier she has elegant movement and estimation. She does not lose time on the obstacles, she has "economical" jumps without fallen lathes. I want a puppy after her for me too.

To find a good dog for her was not a piece of cake. Except the health I was looking for a lot another demanding aspects. And it looks that we are not going to mate for a long time. I do not like half-made things, so I prefer not to mate at all over to mate with not a perfect dog. I am not and I will not ever be a typical breeder. My dogs are at first my friends and partners in my life, not a way how to make some money or attention. That is also one of the reasons this litter is external on a kennel of Etera - Dai Muratori.

And then I have found Panda. It was a love at first sight. And not even for me, but for Etera too. Panda fulfils everything I am expecting from a dog: small size, nice exterior, typical character of terrier, drive to work and beautiful movement. He was not a dog from a shows picture. I studied him a lot from his pictures from home, from competitions, from hikes and from videos. And face to face he is even better :)

My goal

My goal is to have a quality, health, with balanced character, self-confident puppies with typical terrier character and never-ending power suply, nice exterior and with a big working (not only sporty) usability. I hope this foreign litter will be a contribution for the next breedings. I have my dogs as friends, they live with us and they are great companions. We take sports seriously, using the methodology of a positive motivation, but the most important - we are enjoying all moments we spent together. And whatever we do, we do for fun. This is the second and last breed on Etera. Expenses for breeding, health checks and mating in the Sweden were high and the price has also take into consideration the thought-outted mating of two high quality dogs.

For whom are the Eterka's puppies

Our puppies will growth up in a family environment in close contact with people and other animals. We will provide them the best care and socialization. The future owner will be chosen carefuly. I will prefer active people from family environment who can and want to spent enough time with these active dogs and fulfil the potential in mutual activities. It is not important if they are going to do agility, other sport, work for which this breed was bred, or just they are going to be just an activy family members. Participating on shows are not required even the mating was chosen with accent on the working usability, both parents have beautiful exterior what is confirmed by a results from shows. Right, not a lot of as shows were never our priority.

I want to stay in contact with the future owners. I offer a breeding services and all advices I can give. If I do not know the answer, I will forward you to a more competent person.

Puppy will leave us not earlier than in 8th week, with vaccination, contract, chip, pet passport, health, socialized, used to eat granular meal and meat.

Reservation conditions in Dai Muratori kennel

Source: Dai Muratori

Until the deposit is payed all communication regarding a puppy is only tentativ and the puppy can be sell to another applicant. The deposit is 1/3 of the price and is non-returnable in the case when applicant cancel the deal or when applicant does not pick up the puppy on the arranged date.

The deposit is used for all expensis from longer holding of puppy and to compensate the lost or postponed sell.

The seller can refuse without reasons sell of any puppy on this page. All puppies are with card of origin. Offtake is possible since 8th week of age. Breeding services are natural thing.

In the case you are interested in or have any question


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